Glimpses: December 10, 2017

December 10 was the second Sunday of the Advent season, which is the four-ish weeks leading up to Christmas Day.  It is a time of waiting and reflection, remembering the years of waiting for the birth of Jesus, and recognizing also that we are waiting now for his return.

Mike preaching

So, what happened on that second Sunday of Advent? Sunday School classes continued in the Advent theme, including the children making shepherd’s crosses as an art project. Several enjoyed showing their work to adults and other friends after class. During 11am worship, Malachi and JJ read the Advent text and lit the two candles for the morning’s worship. Mike preached from Isaiah 40:1-11 about imagination and hope in such passages, and called us to respond with faith and action, preparing for and responding to Christ.

During these weeks of Advent, there are scripture readings each day. Here are the readings for this second week of Advent: