Doing Things Differently

A choir sings together. That is almost the definition of a choir! So, when schools shut down to slow the spread of the coronavirus in California, one would expect a school choir to be among the most obviously prevented from continuing. After all, how could they possibly sing together if they could not even be together?

Perhaps you know where this is going, because the story went viral. If not, click here and give it a listen!

Chino Valley USD

Rather than giving up, this group in the Chino Valley School District found a way through the obvious barrier that could have prevented them from being a choir. They did not get around it by neglecting the “social distancing” needed, but by using common technology, some out-of-the-box thinking, and presumably extra work to make it happen. And, while they were unable to perform at the choir festival as planned, this group has brought joy to many more because of how they responded.

What a great model! Right now we (individuals, households, cultures, organizations, states, countries, and the world as a whole) are trying to figure out how to do basic life stuff while avoiding group gatherings and generally maintaining physical distance from others. It is tempting to give up. After all, how could we possibly serve together, learn together, work together, worship together, grieve together, celebrate together, have fun together, etc., if we can’t even be together?

Life is different in these days of social distancing, and there are plenty of extra challenges. But let’s not let the obvious barriers keep us from living life. Let’s think in new ways and use the tools we have available to love well in every situation.